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Family Model RailroadingOur family has been “playing Trains” since Santa Claus brought Grandpa his first Lionel Train in 1941.

We can’t begin to guess how many millions of miles (scale or real) that little steamer has traveled, bringing joy and strengthening bonds across four generations of the family.

Over these 70-some years we’ve found ways to improve and enhance our model railroading experience and wish to share them with you in hopes of improving and enhancing yours.

Kentony came about one Christmas morning almost 70 years ago when Santa Claus brought our first Lionel train set. The name was lovingly created by our grandmother who combined the names of our father and grandfather.

In the Kentony Shops, we built train tables, learned how to saw and nail and drill. We learned how to solder and troubleshoot.
In  the Kentony Shops, we learned how to maintain locomotives, clean trucks, replace couplers, fix dump cars, milk cars and cattle platforms.

In the Kentony Shops, we created haunted tunnels and upgraded old accessories. 

Kentony Shops is where all the joy, love and admiration comes together, spanning the generations.

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