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Henning Boys on Workbench Wednesday

The Henning boys were special guest tonight on Workbench Wednesday. It was a great show!   The boys gave a quick overview of tools you need to build a layout and maintain your equipment. Then they had a WONDERFUL demonstration on landscaping. This include how to use foam board to create mountains and hills. Plus they showed how to decorate

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Track Cleaning on Workbench Wednesday

There was a GREAT Workbench Wednesday about track maintenance.  Cleaning Track DON’T Use Sandpaper Steel wool DO Use Track cleaning eraser White ink eraser Rubbing Alcohol Citrus based (Goo-Gone) How often to clean Whenever you need it What is the Minimum Curve Depends on the Engine/Car Curve is Diameter from center-rail to center-rail Common FasTrack Problems Center Pin not connecting

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Lionel – Workbench Wednesday Haunted House

Lionel Trains has a Great Video on a kitbashing of the Fraiser House to make it into a haunted house. Meghan has a very interesting approach with shadow boxing inside the house to give some depth to the display. Ryan teaches some good weathering techniques. Check it out! Workbench Wednesday – Haunted Houses

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O Gauge Railroading August/September 2021 TL;DR Summary

Hi! Welcome to my second TL;DR Summary. This summary is for the August/September issue of O Gauge Railroading. I hope you enjoy it! Editor’s Corner In this article, the editor talks about how Covid-19 restrictions are lifting, which is allowing many train shows to happen. In particular, he mentions the TCA meeting at York, PA. The York show will happen

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Classic Toy Trains September 2021 TL;DR Summary

Hi! This summary will cover the September 2021 Classic Toy Trains issue. Well, let’s get into this! Questions and Answers  In the Questions and Answers section, one question of interest was on why a reissue of an American Flyer accessory was operating backwards. They fixed it by running the line on the accessory the opposite direction and letting it rewind

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Virtual York Week!

Well it’s that time of the year! York is available virtually at starting April 20-22. Wednesday, April 21 is has layouts and smoke. Thursday, April 22 is the Manufacturer Event!  Saturday, April 24 has a Virtual Layout Tour.

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Surfliner450’s Review of the Lionel 2020 “Big Book” Catalog: Part 1

On January 20th, 2020, the Lionel 2020 “Big Book” Catalog released. You might be wondering, “What should I buy from this?” This review will answer your questions. Now, let’s get started. When you pick up a catalog, the first thing you see is the cover highlighting Lionel’s 120th anniversary this year. The people at Lionel did an amazing job on

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Dave Halbeisen’s 29th Annual Festival of Toy Trains

About this time every year, a buzz of excitement begins to move around the Goleta Valley Library. This is the time for The Festival of Toy Trains! For the last 29 years, Dave Halbeisen has brought joy to the community by sharing part of his collection of model trains. On display are Lionel Standard and 3 rail O-Gauge with lots

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