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Classic Toy Trains September 2021 TL;DR Summary

Hi! This summary will cover the September 2021 Classic Toy Trains issue. Well, let’s get into this!

Questions and Answers

 In the Questions and Answers section, one question of interest was on why a reissue of an American Flyer accessory was operating backwards. They fixed it by running the line on the accessory the opposite direction and letting it rewind the correct way.

Collectible Classics

In the Collectible Classics article, they cover the MTH Premier U30C diesel. The one that CTT has a model of is in Burlington Northern livery. MTH did a very good job on this engine, and it has a lot of details and runs very well.

S Gauge Now and Then

This is the first one of this article! It is written by the publisher of the now-cancelled S Gaugian magazine. It goes over the American Flyer 4-8-4 Northern locomotive. The first 4-8-4 Northerns were made in 3/16 (1:64) scale, but ran on O gauge track. They were made in 1939 and were based off the Union Pacific RR FEF-1 locomotive #806. A similar locomotive to #806 is UP 844, which still exists today. In 1946, the locomotive was reissued in S scale, along with some passenger and freight sets.

A Northern O Gauger Models the Southern

This article talks about a Northeastern O Gauger who models the Southern Railroad. The story started one Christmas, when he received some 2356 Southern F3 diesels. He played with the train throughout his childhood, but put it away later. After his children grew up, though, he rediscovered his trains. Between 2002 and 2006, he built a 12’ by 20’ O scale layout, and installed MTH Digital Command System and Lionel TMCC. He mostly models the Southern RR, though other railroads are included. 

Dazzling Alcos for the Flyer Line in 1950

This is about A.C. Gilbert’s first diesels, the Alco PA and PB. The first release was chrome plated and had handrails on the side. In 1951, the famous Santa Fe Warbonnet scheme was added. Very few of the 1950 units survive today.

Details, Details

This article talks about how to add small details to increase realism. They suggest weathering the rails, adding ties, and putting drainage ditches. You can also add random objects in yards, put helper units on trains, and add small local freight runs to your layout.

Weekend Workshop

In Weekend Workshop, they talk about how you can improve the MTH #6 Farm House. The first step is to disassemble the house. Next, you apply the stone material to the house body. You then paint the other parts of the house the colors you want. The last step is reassembly. It ends up looking much better than the base product!

My Greatest Find

Next, they talk about the “Greatest Find” of Mike Stella. It is a Lionel 1654 with no roof vents. He was at a train show in California when a postwar collector showed him a 1654 with a smooth cab roof. He decided to check if the variation had ever been reported. He found no mention of it, after which he contacted the seller, mailed a check, and received his 1654! He thinks it was a factory error that caused the smooth roof.

Product Reviews

Next up, CTT reviews the new MTH SD-24 diesel. Only 179 units, plus 45 cabless B units were made. MTH made the SD-24 in Burlington Northern, C&NW, Erie-Lackawanna, Fox River Valley, UP, and Wisconsin Central road names. The model has amazing sounds, and it has a realistic speed range. It can pull 1 pound, 8 ounces. It is a very good engine!

Well, that’s the end of my summary. I hope you enjoyed it, and get ready, because next month there’s going to be another CTT article, and an O Gauge Railroading magazine TL;DR article!



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