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O Gauge Railroading August/September 2021 TL;DR Summary

Hi! Welcome to my second TL;DR Summary. This summary is for the August/September issue of O Gauge Railroading. I hope you enjoy it!


Editor’s Corner

In this article, the editor talks about how Covid-19 restrictions are lifting, which is allowing many train shows to happen. In particular, he mentions the TCA meeting at York, PA. The York show will happen on October 21-23.

Product Reviews

 In the next article, Eric Siegel (Eric’s Trains on YouTube) reviews the Lionel Lark GS-2 and passenger cars. This is the second of a many-part review series covering many of Lionel’s new GS-class locomotives. He mentions some facts about the prototype locomotive, some features of the model, and different details on the passenger cars. He also reviews a fun new Menards accessory, an animated M&Ms UFO. Yes, they are talking about the candy. It is similar to the cow abduction accessory they made a few years ago, but features M&M figures fooling around near, and on, the UFO. It is a funny little accessory, and you should go check it out.

Deadheading in Style

In this article, we visit the layout of Ron Suissa. He has a 22’ x 22’ layout that is very well detailed. He uses Gargraves track and MTH Z-4000 transformers. Most of the equipment is weathered. There are also many different track loops.

A Stable for your Horses.

In this article, Donald Keiser talks about how he bought an enginehouse for his model railway. The enginehouse was imported from Proses in Turkey. He detailed the assembly process. The end product looks very good. I recommend this article.

Something Special for the Kids

In this one, the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum shows how they built an O-gauge layout for children. They used Lionel FasTrack on a 4 by 8 foot sheet of plywood that stood 34 inches off the ground. They made the layout have many operating accessories.

Just a Bit Beyond Basic

In this article, they have a 5×9 foot model railroad with O60, O48, and O36 curves. It has some very nice scenery and decorations. It is a very interesting layout featuring many sidings. Check this article out!

Collector’s Gallery

In Collector’s Gallery, they talk about Lionel trolleys. They mention how the 8690 trolley, made in 1986 and 1987, was the first trolley to be cataloged since the Lionel #60 in 1955. Both trolleys are very nice and are very common today.

Second Section

Here, they talk about realistic painting of figures. The author details the steps of painting the figures. The person painting the figures does a very good job. The figures would add a lot to any layout.

Team Track

In Team Track, they show how to remove a duckunder entry. They have different ways people removed a duckunder. One of the ways was making a swinging door that has a bridge on it to replace the duckunder. It is a very smart way of fixing the problem.

Well, that’s it for now . The next article will probably be on the next CTT magazine. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you soon!


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